Yes and no. It’s a chance for you to show what you can do. We’ll look at your skills and see how you compare with others, even if you haven’t been doing this for a long time. If you’re new and don’t have much work experience or a big resume, this is your time to shine. Everyone, no matter their experience, gets the same chance to impress us.


That is unfortunate and we sympathize! We are unfortunately not able to hire anyone without understanding what they are capable of doing. But this simple test is not mandatory – it is a chance to deliver something we can asses on pair with other work. See what you can do with it, or consider applying for another position later. 


The task involves recording your work process. This is designed to give us a topic of discussion during a potential interview later on. 

Feeling uncertain? Trust your instincts and approach the task as if it were a real project. Embrace your unique style – we want to see your individuality and your work approach in action. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here; what matters is the outcome.

You don’t need to add any commentary to the video. We’re simply interested in the footage itself. If you want to create a timelapse version with some comments that is fine, but keep it under 4 minutes. 



  • Film your work in the unreal application or your screen as you work. You can use any kind of solution for this, like NVIDIA or windows record. Google how if you are unsure how. 


  • Once you have recorded your sessions – edit it into one long take and upload it to YouTube. Google how to do this or get help if unsure. 

  • If you are able to – feel free to make a timelapse version as well.

Task description

You are going to create a short cutscene using a few free props at the unreal marketplace. You can take creative liberties if you feel it improves the end result – but remember to “solve” what is being asked of you. 

1: Build a simple scene using assets

Download the subway cart:

Download the city sample crowd pack

Find any kind of free animations/poses and place the various people around the subway wagon as if it is a normal after-work setting happening. 

2: Make it into a cutscene